Aukiolo Rinteet Hinnasto Vuokraamo Ravintola Tapahtumat

AUKIOLOAJAT Calpis Ski Center OPENIG HOURS 2017/2017

(n. 5.12.-23.12.2016, 9.1.-17.2.2017 ja 6.3.-31.3.2017)
Tiistai-torstai (Tuesday-Thursday) 17.00-20.00
Lauantai (Saturday) 12.00-17.00
Sunnuntai, arkipyhä (Sunday, Midweek Holiday) 12.00-17.00
Loma-ajat (Vecation periods) 12.00-20.00
Joulu 24-25.12. (Christmas) Suljettu (Closed)

Uusi Vuosi 31.12. (New Year´s Eve)
Uusi Vuosi 1.1.2017
(New Year´s Day)
Pääsisäinen 14.-17.4. (Easter) 12.00-17.00 (Säävaraus)


Calpis Bike Parkin Superin hissi on avoinna viikonloppuisin lauantaina ja
sunnuntaina sekä arkipyhinä 12.00-17.00 ja Hugon hissi 13.00-16.00.
Calpis Cross Café, vuokraamo ja muut peruspalvelut ovat avoinna 12.00-17.00.
Keskiviikkoisin Superin hissi on avoinna 17.00-20.00 ja Hugon hissi 18.00-19.30.
sekä muut palvelut 17.00-20.00 (syyskuun loppuun).

The Superi skilift will be open on the weekends from 12 am to 5 pm and
the Hugo skilift from 1 pm to 4 pm. Calpis Cross Café, bike rental and
other services will be open from 12 am to 5 pm.
On wednesday evenings Superi will be open from 5 pm to 8 pm and
Hugo from 6 pm to 7.30 pm.
Other services will be open from 5 pm to 8 pm (until the end of September).

Kalpalinna, since 1964, Brand Guidelines, Our brand. Why brand manual? To guide how to use our brand. It has clear instructions for
using all aspects that represent our brand. To inspire by sharing our rich history and defining our goals for future. To unify all the
employees by sharing our beliefs. It clearly explains our brand to bring everyone on the same page. To communicate who we are,
what we value and how to operate. Brand stucture: Kalpalinna group. Sub-brands: Kiianlinna the base and previous name of Kalpa-
linna since 1939. Calpis Ski Center skiing and snowboarding during winter since 1964. Calpis Caravan Center offers camping palces
for caravans and tents since 1969. Calpis Bike Park downhill biking during spring, summer and fall since 2003. Our brand explained
in a sentence: As a versatile outdoor sports center we offer a wide range of outdoor sports activities and experiences to people of all
ages. Our aim is to develop affordable outdoor sport possibilities by usin our experience. In a couple of words: Passion for outdoor
sports. What describes us: ENERGETIC We create energetic environment trough our wide range of adventurous sports activities.
OLD SCHOOL We respect our long existence. We stand out in the modern environment with our traditions. FRIENDLY We are easily
accessible. Cozy and nostalgic place to create good times. AFFORDABLE We love sports and we want to make it accessible to every-
one. Our story: Our jorney began in 1939 when Karl Ebb created the first skiing slope in Kiianlinna. Later in 1964 the premises got
new owners Eino and Osmo Kalpala, who changed the name to Kalpalinna. They renamed the brand to reflect the familyorientated
business. We have always been passionate about alpine skiing and outdoor sports. Passion for outdoor sports is still the guiding element
of our company. Kalpalinna is one of the oldest skiing centers in Finland. We are the first skiing center to have skiing lifts, lighting and
snow guns in Finland. We have been the innovators in the alpine skiing world. During our journey we have faced many challenges,
which have made our long existence more valuable. The latest creation is our bike park, which was established in 2003. The idea of
Bike Park came from the group of bikers. We have always been open to new ideas. We will continue our journey by continuously looking
forward. We keep searching for new possibilities to broaden our services. We want to make each visit memorable. What drives us?
PASSION Our passion for outdoor sports is something that has brought us this far. We love sports and we love to share it. CHALLENGES
In our long journey we have faced many challenges. They inspire us and we keep learning. PEOPLE We listen to and respect the
views of people. Some of our services are born from our customer´s ideas. GROWTH We are always looking for new adventures and
keep improving our services continously. Tone of voice: The way we talk to people is crucial. We are trustworthy and autehentic company
and for that reason we want to treat every individual personally by being friendly and informal, but still professional. We are consistent
and express ourselves always in a way that it is easy to understand. We are proud of our history and we are not afraid to show it. Our tone
of voice is always: ENERGETIC We want people to get excited about services. PROFESSIONAL We share our knowledge and
experience. FRIENDLY We want to create lasting relationships. AUTENTIC We are trustworthy and we are not afraid to be our self.
Thank´s to the Branding Project Group: Heidi Tuononen, Ravi Kumar, Jurreaan Van Elsas